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Making the most of your session

Getting the absolute best results from your session requires not only our renowned efficiency but also some preparation and knowledge of how a session runs on the part of the artist too. Take a look at our suggestions to help smooth the process and stay creative and focused on your project.

What to expect 

A full studio day runs from 10am to 6pm, with an hour break for lunch.

As recording and mixing require high levels of concentration, please allow several 5 minute rests through the day – this will help both you and your engineer to remain focused and alert.

Please be aware that your engineer will be there from the time you have booked, not before – so you won’t be able to access the studio or load in any equipment beforehand. 


Drums – please feel free to bring your drum kit to the session. However, we do have our own top-of-the-line in-house drum kit which is pre-mic’d and ready to go, and using this can save you over an hour of set-up time. Many drummers like to simply bring their own snare and cymbals for their own sounds.

Amps – we have a wide range of valve guitar amplifiers and bass amp solutions, so unless you really love the sound of your own amp, we have stuff here for you.

Other Instruments – we suggest that you bring your own guitars, keyboards, guitar effects pedals etc, so that you are comfortable with what you are playing.

Samples / Beats / Backing Tracks – if you wish to use any of these, please bring them with you. We recommend that you don’t bring files in MP3 format – use WAV or AIFF instead, as the quality is much better.

Deposits, Changes & Cancellations

On booking a session, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure the session. If you need to change your session, please inform us ASAP as we would need to be able to re-allocate that slot to someone else. If it is a last minute change or cancellation, or if you simply don’t turn up for the session, then the deposit will be kept to cover some of the costs incurred. It is also worth noting that if you book a full day and finish a few hours early, you will still be required to pay for the time you have booked, as it has been allocated to you and it would be too late to book it to anyone else. This is also the case if you arrive late, as your allocated slot will start from when you booked.

And finally

Your engineer, Adam, will offer as much or as little guidance as you require on your session. If you have a guitar sound in mind or an effect you like, please consider examples and he will strive to achieve it. If at any stage you decide you prefer your original idea to something Adam may have suggested, please just say so – ultimately, it’s your project and you should be happy with the results. We are here to help ensure that.

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