Your sound at its very best:

With our combination of the latest technology, high end outboard & mics, and production expertise we can achieve the sound you’ve always dreamed of in the most efficient way. Saving you time and therefore money, our experience and lighting fast workflow enables you to focus on the creative side rather than waiting around for editing and technical obstacles.

Tracks sound great from the first note that is played and mixing & editing can be worked on in the background whilst adding overdubs. The songs come together effortlessly and magically without any of the frustrating and boring bits that can eat up studio sessions in some other facilities.

To further streamline the workflow we have a top of the line in house drum kit which is always mic’d and tuned ready to go for the best drum sound in town! This, coupled with our dedicated vocal booth and isolation zones enable things to be recorded live or overdubbed in any combination, saving even more time. We now also have an acoustic upright piano in it’s own isolation room! We’ve also just added a real Hammond M102 valve organ and Leslie 145 rotary speaker as used on Whiter Shade Of Pale, Green Onions and Hush! It’s the model used by The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd etc! You just can’t beat the real thing!

Recording & production: 

When recording at Deadline you not only get an experienced engineer but also a highly skilled and musically knowledgeable producer. Adam can give as much or little advice and guidance as you require through your session to get the results you deserve. Recording is slick and pain free and every nuance is captured to perfection. We now have 4 isolation rooms enabling you to mic a guitar amp or bass amp at the same time as drums and vocals!

Audio editing & mixing:

Our head Engineer/Producer, Adam, has over 17 years experience achieving high quality results. His reputation for attention to detail and his keen ear combine with expertise and musical knowledge to get truly classy mixes and pin-point accurate edits. From vocal tuning and drum timing edits to fully mixed masterpieces Adam can transform even the messiest of home demo recordings.

Recordings made at Deadline will begin to take shape from the very outset as Adam can begin to apply mix processes whilst still recording. Recordings made elsewhere can be sent via mail or web transfer to get all of the editing and mixing expert treatment they require.


At Deadline Studios all recordings are mastered as standard to commercial volume levels. Those weak, quiet recordings from other studios can also be processed to raise their level and power, whilst also widening and neatening the sound.

We use the latest mastering techniques to make your tracks shine. CD text and ISRC codes can also be embedded to the finished tracks and track gaps, fades and cross fades can be customised ready for duplication.

CD duplication & printing:

We can do short runs of printed CD’s in house from just 10 copies to 500! These can be added to your recording package for even better value. Our printed discs are ideal for promo use or as souvenirs of your Star For A Day package.

HD video & photography:

We work in partnership with Atmospheres Media to offer package deals with video and photo shoots to provide the full service at great value prices. You can add this service to your session at very competitive rates. Your video will be professionally edited and photos will be treated with suitable processing.

Rehearsal facilities:

Whether it’s getting prepared for your session or rehearsing for a big gig we can offer quality facilities for rehearsing in our acoustically treated live room. This is great for pre production sessions allowing your producer to hear you play the songs live before recording them to better understand the layout and feel of the music. Our comfortable live room is equipped with a great drum kit, guitar and bass amps, a good quality PA system and air conditioning.

PA hire & live recording:

We can provide high quality PA solutions for up to 300 person crowds. We can provide an engineer if required and can also offer the chance to record your gig and mix it later in the studio.

Session musicians:

If you’ve always dreamed of getting your songs recorded professionally but you’re not sure if you have the playing levels required or other band members to play them to a high standard we can provide the very best musicians around to perfect your recordings. We work closely with the cream of the crop and can hire in the players needed to put the finishing touches to your work. Real strings, brass, or ethnic instruments can really add authenticity and pro sheen to your project. Or simply hire a band to bring your solo work to life!


Guitar tuition and recording techniques can be provided by the hour. Adam has taken masterclasses and lectures at Leicester College and he can take you through the process of making great recordings in detail to get the best of your home equipment. Technology now allows us to record to a reasonable standard at home but this inside knowledge and tricks of the trade can transform your home efforts into professional standard works.

Preparing for your session

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